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Briar Books Press offers fine books for the pipeman, be he a smoker or a collector. We deal in new works and reprints of old works from the public domain that you won't be able to locate elsewhere. Click on the above tabs to navigate from book to book. If you have a question about any of the current selection, please email me at the "Contact the Author" tab. Your complete reading satisfaction is my bond to you.
                                                                        --Gary B. Schrier, Pipeman & Publisher

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Comoy's Blue Riband Pipes by Neill Archer Roan is now in stock and shipping worldwide.   

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Comoy's Blue Riband Pipes by Neill Archer Roan. Long recognized for his significant contribution to the hobby through his blog "A Passion For Pipes," this will be Roan's first book in print for pipe smokers. The book will complement and serve as a guide to an exhibition of his Blue Riband collection hosted by the CPCC at their Chicagoland extravaganza in May. If you're a fan of Roan's capable work, a fan of Comoy pipes or, like most of us pipemen deep in your soul, a fan of the best in classic English pipe design and quality, this 168-page hardcover book will delight you with a superbly-researched historical background and art-book quality photography. With a foreword by Lucian Comoy. Available at the exhibition May 3 and online May 6. Available by mail-order end of May.

                                                                       Recent Publications

The Pipeman's Daily Fare (Poetic verse for the endangered and underfed), 52 Poems to inspire the pipe-smoking man . . . Deluxe with side of fries by Assad G. Bachaalani. After a lengthy absence, original poetry for the pipe-smoking man is back. With a reverence for the past and a youthful taste for the present, Bachaalani has wrought a comprehensive selection of poems and limericks surely to delight the pipeman who demands the most from his smoking sojourns. Illustrated with classic briar-pipe images from a period English catalogue. Something totally different from Briar Books Press. You'll love it. Hardcover.

Pipes & Tobacco. Being a Discourse on Smoking and Smokers
by J. W. Cundall. I’ve known about this book for quite some time but only became acquainted with it intimately over the summer. Pipes & Tobacco was printed in London in 1901.  I’ve reprinted because it’s one of the few remaining hidden jewels of tobacciana literature, and one which I know you’ll fancy. Printed at one of the early zeniths of briar popularity, Pipes & Tobacco covers all of the popular smoking topics of the day, is illustrated with pipe and tobacco advertisements, and is indexed.

Scandinavian Pipemakers, An extensive guide to the world of handmade pipes from Denmark, Sweden and Norway by Jan Andersson. A definitive work by the same author of Bo Nordh, Pipemaker, this book highlights the works of every pipemaker from Scandinavia, 50 in all. For each, there is a story and a superb portayal of their work in magnificent color photography. Andersson is as good with words as he is with the camera. This is a wonderful production of substantial proportions, and is destined to be the next coffee-table book for every pipeman interested in losing himself within the beauty of the crafted-briar pipe. Click the "Scandinavian Pipemakers" tab to learn more. 




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