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Dunhill 1928 Catalogue
About Smoke ... an Encyclopaedia of Smoking by Alfred Dunhill, Ltd. This is a very high-quality reprint of the original 1928 5th edition. Arguably Dunhill’s finest retail catalog—their largest, its 200-plus pages are packed with stories and images of pipes, tobaccos, lighters, cigars, cigarettes, smoker’s requisites, and with prices. A period classic from the zenith of the smoking lifestyle. Included is a never-before-seen article written by Alfred himself on how he built the business. The initial numbered, limited-edition printing is sold out. This is the second printing so successful was the first. It was promoted at the Chicagoland pipe show in May 2009, and I wanted to make sure you were made aware of this extraordinary opportunity to secure a copy for your own library. Even if you're are not an anglophile as pipes or tobaccos go, the charm of this old catalogue is something special, and quite frankly, the largest pipeman's retail product reference compendium ever assembled.

The first printing is sold-out! The newer second printing has been refined and now includes the original 16 plates in full color.

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