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Dear Pipeman,

Writing as I am at the close of 2016 (one week before Christmas) I can only say that the year passed at the usual pace, however, I was entirely unproductive by way of new-title releases. I can account for this. My day job at the broadband company (Wave) was absolutely consuming. It was my best year as far as sales performance is estimated. As a result, what little discretionary time that remained was needed for family, mending fences on the farm, and of course, deep, contemplative smoking. And I should hasten to add, my return to the lakes with my canoe and dog, Molly (that would be the black-and-white Aussie in the picture, below), for rainbow-trout fishing.

Nevertheless, I did in fact work a few months twice editing the long overdue history of the Peterson Pipe Co., or as the devotee of the System pipe is wont to call them, K&P, written by Gary Malmberg and Mark Irwin. The book is now in layout. What this means in terms of a release date I cannot tell. Many of my customers have been asking me about such prognostications for years but, alas, all earlier attempts were in vain. What we once thought would be a five-year effort, I will say appears to be headed to a ten-year effort. All for the better because the production will be superb. Definitely on par if not exceeding Rapaport's Among the Blue and Gray or Anderson's
Scandinavian Pipemakers

I have also been wrestling with reprinting two stalwarts from the very early years of Briar Books Press: Dunhill's 1928 smoker's encyclopaedia About Smoke, and Robert F. Winans' The Pipe Smoker's Tobacco Book. The pipesmoker and collector demand is there, it's just a question of do I have the available time needed to freshen the works and to ready them for overseas printing.

Another work that was mothballed early in 2016 was the reprint of another glorious pipe and tobacco catalogue from the turn of the century from the offices and factories of Salmon & Gluckstein, London. Few pipemen and collectors are familiar with S&G. But I think interest will be high when he sees what effect chromolithography printing can do to 143 pages of illustrations of pipes and tobaccos. It is a Book of Kells for the pipemen the likes of which was in its day a "one off" and that which will never again be attempted. But, returning a similar theme, will I muster the reserve energy and time needed to finish it?

I suspect I will again pass on the Chicagoland pipe show. I miss it dearly, but without a new tome to present, I cannot justify the time or expense of it. Maybe we'll see each other come fall at the Las Vegas show.   

Thank you for your continued patronage. And as always, I am at your service.

Best wishes,
Gary B. Schrier
Pipeman & Publisher

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