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BBB Catalogue No. XX, 1912


 I wanted to inform you that Briar Books Press has a new title for your review, and it is precious: BBB Catalogue No. XX (1912). Now, earlier this year I introduced to you my reprint of Alfred Dunhill Ltd.’s 1928 about Smoke ... an Encyclopaedia of Smoking, a stunning creation of what a retail pipe catalogue could be. I’d like to think that I’ve outdone myself with this new release, but I’ll let you decide for yourself. BBB Catalogue No. XX (1912) is so much more! In fact, at 450 pages it’s twice what the Dunhill catalogue is. This is a very high-quality reprint of the original 1912 edition. A tobacconist’s catalogue brimming with pipes and smoker’s requisites, this wholesale catalogue takes you back to a time when the pipe-smoker’s lifestyle was taken rather seriously. A period classic from the zenith of the smoking lifestyle, no pipe shape, material, or presentation is ignored, including briar, meerschaum, clay, amber, sterling silver, calabash gourd, companion sets, and cabinets. In addition to the thousands of photographs, I have prefaced the work with the hitherto  unknown history of the firm. At long last, something more to discuss about this great pipe company than  what those three “B”s represent! Spend the fast-approaching holidays relaxing with this massive tome. I wanted to be certain you were made aware of this extraordinary opportunity to secure a copy for your own library. But wait, that’s not all! Order now and I will include 100 Years in the Service of Smokers, 1847–1947, Adolph Frankau of London, a 20-page color reprint story of BBB’s centenary celebration (a $10 value!). As always, with every Briar Books Press publication, your complete reading satisfaction is my bond to you.

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