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Barling's Briar Pipes

Barling's Briar Pipes

This is a little gem of a pipemaker's history in the form of a wee retail catalogue from sometime before World War I. If you're passionate for the classical-pipe shapes, this is a thrifty item to adore. (You'll find no elephant feet, no hawkbills, no wasp-waists, no squashed tomatoes, or even reverse calabashes . . . none of those oddities.) Noted Barling-pipe collector Jesse Silver was ever so lucky to find an original  copy and rejuvenated it to it's original lustre after 150 hours of painstaking digital restoration. (Yes, such is the insanity of the devoted collector!) And lucky for us Mr. Silver is a world-class art designed of the digital type. A true hero of the hobby, he has shed new light into the early years of EB and WB's mastery in the business of producing briar pipes of distinction.

The booklet is 28 pages, measuring 5.5" x 8.5". It shows five illustrations from the factory floors; 65 engraved images of pipes (similar to how other makers of that era depicted their pipes, like with the BBB and Loewe catalogues); 8 images of companion sets; and 8 images of single-cased pipes.
Unavailable elsewhere, the Briar Books Press edition includes a eight-page introduction penned at the hand of Mr. Silver (tipped in). Very limited inventory remaining.

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