produced the finest pipe-smoking literature for the pipeman. Period. And so, for the holidays I have sourced a very exclusive and rarely seen set of Dunhill catalogues issued at Christmases 1914 and 1923. And they’re exquisite! I titled the production  A Pipeman’s Christmastime Companion Set, and, I believe, I’ve created the ultimate literary stocking stuffer for the Anglophile pipeman. The ’23 catalogue has great literary merit, being written in the style of J.M. Barrie’s My Lady Nicotine. It’s a very amusing take. While the ’14, a war-issue, is a never-before-seen look at Alfred’s contribution to help Britain’s soldier and sailor fight the Germans. This darling, wee-little catalogue is ensconced in a pocket on the rear cover of the '23 catalogue. I know you'll treasure them both.

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A Pipeman's Christmastime Companion Set

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