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Confessions of a Pipeman ... Second Edition
Released in September 2010, this is the second edition of Confessions! With 50% more content than the first, 24 chapters and more illustrations, now all in color, this new, expanded edition, Schrier gives the pipeman more of that irreverent, much-needed counsel on being a better pipe smoker. 

Not a "how to" book, but a lifestyle guide. As a cautionary note, I will warn the easily-offended and politically-correct person, that this little book throws punches, though I believe all of them are above the belt. I hope you find my views amusing and thought provoking and that you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoyed struggling to cobble them together professional-like. This book is unlike anything the pipeman has seen written about his treasured passion of the pipe, tobacco, and how he is to get on with it. For the beginner and knowledgeable alike. With a foreword by Marty Pulvers.    $20

Chapters include ...

1. Pipe Smoking Today
2. The Real Pipeman is Dead
3. What to Do if You're New
4. Reading the Lifestyle
5. Lessons on Etiquette
6. Savoir-Faire
7. Dunhill is Dead. Long Live Dunhill
8. Cigars by Far
9. The Right Pipe
10. The Right Tobacco
11. Old Tobacco
12. Pipe Preservation
13. The Collecting Obsession
14. On the Tobacco Road
15. Cavendish
16. The Pipe Club
17. Your Place to Smoke
18. The Healthy Smoker
19. Heart of Hearts
20. Truths, Half-Truths and Lies
21. What Others Have Said
22. You Might be a Pipeman if
23. What if You Should Die
24. Mentoring 

¨ Pipe Smoking Today

¨ The Real Pipeman is Dead

¨ What to Do if You’re New

¨ Reading the Lifestyle

¨ Lessons on Etiquette

¨ Savoir-Faire

¨ Dunhill is Dead. Long Live Dunhill

¨ Cigars by Far

¨ The Right Pipe

¨ The Right Tobacco

¨ Old Tobacco

¨ Pipe Preservation



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