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Expectations for 2020 and Beyond 
Dear Pipeman,

March 18, 2020

Hard to say what will happen this year, what with the Wuhan Virus or CCP Virus (Chinese Communist Party) or COVID-19 Virus, whatever you want to call it, as it takes its social and economic toll. At long last, the pipeman now has sufficient cause to hide away and smoke and read and drink, not to be bothered by a collapsing civilization.

New books? Mark Irwin, coauthor of the Peterson Pipe K&P Story book, and I are working together to release a facsimile reprint of Peterson of Dublin's first sales catalogue, from 1896, an extremely rare, extant copy sourced for the purpose (actually, the only known copy; neither the British Museum nor British Library has one!). It's a concise affair of 69 large folios, mostly in color (chromolithography), and chock full of prose and compelling advertisements. One of the earliest retail-pipe catalogues we know of from the United Kingdom. Available as early as this fall. A must-have for you "Pete Nuts."

As to publications for 2021 and beyond, it's really too early to tell. Please stay in touch, and feel free to contact me with ideas for new releases. 

Best wishes, 
Gary B. Schrier
Pipeman & Publisher

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