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First, thank you for your consideration to purchase one of my books!

Your payment choices are credit card, PayPal, personal check, or money order from your bank or post office. I do my best to ship orders the next day. All U.S. orders are shipped USPS Media Mail. This used to be called the book rate, and it is still the least expensive mode and, necessarily, the slowest service to use, generally 7-10 days. All Schrier-penned books are autographed, unless otherwise instructed. I'll be happy to personalize your copy with an inscription, if you wish it. Just ask; if you don't, I won't. With each order you will receive a swell Briar Books Press bookmark! Foreign orders, please send an advance email with your interest, and I will assign the correct postage for you to use when ordering. However, EU orders only, postage and PayPal charge for The Peterson Pipe is US$72.75 (shipping weight is approx. 2.6 kg), while for Dunhill About Smoke 90th Anniversary Edition, the charge is US$29.75 (shipping weight is approx. 0.9 kg). Foreign orders are shipped USPS first class air mail or Priority. 

I should append at this juncture by stating the obvious: books are heavy concerns, at least as far as the paper goes. Shipping a book to the EU, Britain, and points elsewhere about the globe (save Canada mind you) is a rather disappointing affair these days. Typically, shipping charges doubles the cost of an order of a single book, except for some of the smaller volumes. I add no markup to shipping charges. And PayPal charges 4.4 percent. 

Current Titles

Confessions of a Pipeman ...an irreverent guide for today's pipe-smoking man   $20
Second Edition (First edition sold out)  

by Gary B. Schrier

The Pipe Smoker's Tobacco Book   OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF PRINT

by Robert F. Winans

About Smoke . . . An Encyclopaedia of Smoking, 2nd printing   OUT OF STOCK (see below) 
by Alfred Dunhill Ltd. (2009 Reprint. Includes the original 16 color plates.)

BBB Catalogue No. XX, 1912   $35
by Adolph Frankau & Co. Ltd. (2009 Reprint)

BBB 100 Years in the Service of Smokers 1847-1947   $10 (Free w/BBB Catalogue No. XX)
by Adolph Frankau & Co. Ltd. (2009 Reprint)

Bo Nordh, Pipemaker   $40 
by Jan Andersson (2010 Reprint)
(BOOK DEAL: Order Andersson's latest book, Scandinavian Pipemakers, and reduce this book's price to $25 when ordering!)

The Loewe Pipe Packet   $40
by Loewe and Gary B. Schrier

A Pipeman's Christmastime Companion Set   $25
by Dunhill and Gary B. Schrier

The History of the Calabash Pipe
Second Edition  
by Gary B. Schrier

Scandinavian Pipemakers, An extensive guide to the world of handmade pipes from Denmark, Sweden and Norway   OUT OF STOCK, OUT OF PRINT
by Jan Andersson

Pipes and Tobacco, Being a Discourse on Smoking and Smokers, 1901   $20
by J. W. Cundall (2012 Reprint)

The Pipeman's Daily Fare. Poetic verse for the endangered and underfed. 52 Poems to inspire the pipe-smoking man.  $30
by Assaad G. Bachaalani

Comoy's Blue Riband   $50
by Neill Archer Roan

Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray   $65 (S+H $7.50 plus $2 PayPal) 
by Ben Rapaport

Barling's Briar Pipes   $20  (S+H $4 plus $1 PayPal)
by Jesse Silver

The Peterson Pipe. The Story of Kapp & Peterson   $60 (S+H $7.50 plus $2 PayPal) 
by Mark Irwin & Gary Malmberg SOLD OUT.

About Smoke . . . An Encyclopaedia of Smoking, 
90th Anniversary Special Edition 1928-2018,
with an introduction by Richard Esserman 
by Alfred Dunhill Ltd. (2018 facsimile 3rd printing. Includes the original 16 color plates; sewn binding; dustjacket; original soft boards)  $35


Purchase by Personal Check or Money Order (USA Only)
The shipping charge is $5.00 (unless otherwise as noted above) for the first book and $1.00 for each additional one.

    Address your correspondance to:
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                            14229 Bethel-Burley Rd SE
                            Port Orchard, WA 98367.  

Purchase by Credit Card or Paypal (USA Only)
The shipping charge is $5.00 (unless otherwise as noted above) for the first book and $1.00 for each additional one. To cover credit card/PayPal charges, you must manually add $2.00 to your sub-total (the PayPal site will not do it for you).
 Click on the BUY NOW button below. When you arrive at the payment page, at the top of the page in the "description" field, enter which book(s) you are buying and the quantity (e.g., Rapaport(1), Peterson(1), Dunhill (1)). In the "quantity" field, leave it as "1" regardless of the number of books you are purchasing. In the "amount" field, enter your total purchase amount, including shipping and PayPal fees. Next, click the "update quantity" button. Finally, select payment-type option, credit card or PayPal. PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO ADD THE SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES OR YOUR ORDER WILL NOT POST!  


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