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Comoy's Blue Riband
Know the man? Of course, we're all online and read his blog A Passion For Pipes with enthusiasm. He has become the gold standard for our collecting pastime for visionary thought and expression through word and camera. For some time, there's been great interest for Roan to release something in print. The wait is over.
     In connection with the 2014 Chicagoland exhibition (May 2-4) of his collection of
Comoy Blue Riband briars, Roan has prepared an extensive companion guidebook and first-ever complete history of one of the most talked-about brands including an extensive shape, dating, and name listing. Few contemporary pipe-books embody this level of sophisticated research required to tell such a story. Much the same can be said of the photography and complementary graphic design of the book- brilliant!- visually and in concept. Oh! were there time enough for Roan to apply himself to tell the stories of all of our favorite old-time makes.
     Beautifully composed, it is also artistically constructed of the finest printing materials. From heavy-coated stock for its 168 pages to hardcover binding and dust-jacket, the finished product is as much a pleasure to the hand as it is to the eye.
     This is a limited-edition release of 500 impressions. If you were unable to visit the Chicago exhibition now is a choice time to secure a copy by mail for your library. $50 

                     Neill Archer Roan         

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