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Scandinavian Pipemakers

The history of modern Scandinavian pipe-making started in Denmark in the middle of the last century. The evolution since has been amazing and is something of a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale. Andersson has had the privilege to follow this evolution for several decades and has met most of the pipemakers involved in it. In this extensively illustrated book, he masterfully weaves the stories of more than 50 pipemakers, some old and experienced, others quite new to the trade. From the Ivarsson Family to Bo Nordh to Jess Chonowitsch to Tom Eltang, Andersson tells the story of each craftsman knowingly and with great admiration. Jan has effectively catalogued the modern-day history of a movement of pipemakers from a distinct geography that which has contributed so much to the well-being of pipemen everywhere good taste prevails, be he a collector or, indeed, of that rarefied breed known today, quaintly as the pipe-smoker. With Andersson's colorful portrayal of these craftsmen, their enthusiasm and creativity is indicative that the evolution of exquisite Scandinavian pipe-making may yet carry forward on to the next century. With an introduction by Rick Newcombe. 

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A little about the physics of this book. The book is a heavyweight, and not just because it packs the bios of 50 makers: it weights 3.5 pounds! Think coffee-table, though, any suitably stout surface to support such a book will do. Size is A4, a little taller and narrower than the North American standard sheet size. It is hardback with a printed cover, often referred to in the trade as casebound. The page count is 340. The text is of a quality, coated paper. This helps bring out the vibrancy of color in each of the nearly 400 illustrations. A first-rate production in every respect. Printed outside Asia, this would be a $150 list-price book. This is the value I bring to you.

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