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The Loewe Pipe Packet


Loewé of the Haymarket, London. In its day, a better pipe could not be had, particularly one with such impeccable grain. The most discerning pipemen smoked Loewé! The Loewé Pipe Packet completes the great English pipe-catalogue trilogy. A handsomely assembled packet of the 1910 (92 pp.) and 1926 (24 pp.) catalogues by Loewé; the 1926 booklet of the firm’s reflections on 70 years in the trade; a picture of the factory interior (suitable for framing), the Pipeman’s Portfolio (a photo display of exquisite Loewé pipes by Gregory Pease), and an introductory booklet written by myself; all of which are ensconced in an attractive and durable packet, and secured with an elastic cord tie.    $40


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