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Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray

Tobacco and Smoking Among the Blue and Gray. The Illustrated History of An American Folk-Art Curiosity. The Civil War Soldier's Tobacco Pipe

Acclaimed historian and antiquarian of all things tobacciana, Ben Rapaport has broken new ground with this well-researched  treatise of the smoking scene on the battlefields and in the camps and the prisons of the War Between the States. This is the never-before-told story of the Union and Confederate soldiers’ reliance on tobacco and their creativity in fashioning wood pipes, one of the most enduring genres of patriotic folk art from the war. Extensively illustrated with over 100 soldiers’ pipes, many of which exhibit remarkable craftsmanship. The soldier’s hand-carved pipe tells an enduring American story of duty, sacrifice, and patriotism. A remarkable literary achievement with no better a writer to tackle the subject than that of Rapaport. A long-overdue addition to our American Civil War collective.  (Hardcover with jacket; 300 pages with 175 B&W and color illustrations; recent auction results with prices realized; indexed.)

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                      Ben Rapaport

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